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I highly recommend Miles Financial Management to any manager who needs to organize their financial reporting system and decipher what’'s going on. They are team players and will look out for your success.

Sue Pine

MandMarblestone Group

Melissa Hawes of Miles Financial Management was engaged with The MandMarblestone Group to help bring our accounting process up to speed. After helping to hire me, she made my transition easy by teaching me the ropes as the Accounting Supervisor and pointing out all financial procedures that are unique to MandMarblestone. She is an excellent trainer with an awesome personality and engaged me in aspects of the financial process that I would not have thought about without her.

Melissa was crucial in our extensive transition from old to new accounting systems. We merged two company files into one, streamlining the financial structure. In the process she revised and enhanced our reports, formatting them so we can understand them at a glance and it’'s easier to make decisions. The new, automated process has cut the time it takes to deliver financial reports from 30 to 10 days. So, we can make financial determinations faster, which is especially important when it comes to cash flow.

She also helped bridge the gap between my day-to-day accounting needs and those of the tax accountant, helping us to understand and assist each other.

Melissa is down to earth, extremely flexible and open to changing her role as our needs change. She asks insightful questions that help her learn, challenge current systems, and determine how to make financial reporting more efficient and effective in supporting management decisions. She is part of the team, always interested in our success and staying connected and accessible at all times.

Jeanie Lee

MandMarblestone Group

Miles Financial Management, Inc. has helped me realize that producing a great product isn't enough if you don't take the financial aspect of your business seriously. As a creative type, this was not the easiest thing for me, but Melissa helped put in place procedures and policies that allow me to run my business smoother, freeing me up to be creative where it mattered

Traci Watson

Watson Design

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